Aufeer Design

Komiksová bublina

Aufeer Design provides engineering and development solutions for automotive; from design to high-fidelity models and production datasheets. Thanks to its versatility and talent, the company works for world-famous brands such as Škoda Auto, Porsche, Bentley, Volvo, Hymer, Airbus and others.

Brief and goals

How to start the recruitment of specialists in a transport industry company that cannot tell almost anything about what it does because of the NDA? We launched a campaign based on the idea that when something is being developed in secrecy, it's a groundbreaking thing you want to be part of.

Project consisted of four parts


1. Design and production of HR microsite

The newly created HR microsite was the place where traffic from all parts of the campaign was directed. It was a simple website where job seekers quickly and easily found all the information not only about the positions offered, but also about the company as such. At the same time, they had the opportunity to easily contact AFD with a specific question, make an appointment, or send a CV.

2. TV commercials

The series of three commercials – primarily intended for regional televisions, secondarily for Facebook and YouTube – had a simple idea: Since most of the projects that are being carried out at AFD are tied to confidentiality and we cannot talk about their details, we have built the concept of videos on the hints. The aim was to provoke curiosity and underline the importance and variety of these projects.

The concept of TV spots was directly related to the visuals and copy of the above mentioned HR microsite and following campaigns. Individual parts of the project thus formed a complete communication line with the same motifs on all channels.

3. PPC and Facebook campaigns

The three-month campaign aimed to address primarily university-educated professionals in the Central Bohemian region who might be interested in various positions at AFD.

We were looking for new designers, design engineers and project managers. Visually and contentwise, the campaign was based on a video creative and consisted of three parts:

  • Brand building & Reach: In the first part of the campaign, we approached our target audience with videos on FB.
  • Traffic to website: Users who were interested in the videos or visited the HR microsite after seeing them, were re-targeted by linkshare creatives.
  • Remarketing: At the end of the campaign, we re-targeted users who visited the site but didn't submit a CV or complete a contact form. We addressed them with customized linkshare creatives.

4. Website redesign

The goal of the modification was primarily to unify design across sites, modernize it, and improve the user interface. We started from the existing system and updated the site by minor modifications.

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