Komiksová bublina

Client's brief

ČSOB chose personalized interactive video linked to an email campaign to promote the Flexi Loan, which is used to refinance existing loans.

Story TLRS' solution

Imagine that you are being served your favourite meal on several separate plates. It doesn’t make sense, right? And it's the same with loans. No one wants to have their loans crumbled in pieces when they can be served in one dish on convenient terms.

The shooting took 3 days and we created 336 video files that covered several storylines of our interactive video. To make it work on all devices, we have developed a custom player that enables both interactivity and personalization. Thanks to this, the Chef was able to address the viewer by name and offer breakfast, lunch or dinner according to the current time.

Then, we triggered off the whole campaign with A/B tested newsletters. These were linked to a database, which then compiled the whole story for the user on a microsite we created.


Komiksová bublina

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