Lepidlo Herkules

Komiksová bublina

Traditional Czech company Druchema has been producing the legendary Herkules glue since the turn of the 1950s and 1960s. And its work has certainly not been wasted – just as far as the name itself is concerned, Herkules is without doubt the most famous product of its kind on the market.

Client's brief

Client ordered animated videos that would work with 3D graphics. Of course, voice over and complementary sound design were part of the assignment, too. The campaign “Beware, it's sticky!” was to include a total of five videos with a ten-second footage. Emphasis was on the target group of school-age children, so the campaign had to communicate current topics (home made slime) or the all time favourites (such as funny notes sent home from teachers).

Story TLRS' solution

When creating the individual videos, we emphasized the occasionally mischievous graphics and spot-on lines. We dealed with the whole production from the design of the initial concept to the final post-production modifications.

Such animated advertising videos are a popular challenge for our More Than Video team. And we are happy to provide those for our clients, from the design to execution.

We handed the final videos to the client and they put them on the internet and TV. You can still watch the spots on the Druchema YouTube channel.