KEK Stock

Komiksová bublina

It's a dream come true for a Norwegian sports photographer Kjell Erik Kristiansen, for whom we created a custom photo bank.

There was a pile of photos in the beginning

Our client had a huge archive of photographs that depicted 40 years of sporting events, and he was looking for a way to store them. He wanted to share them with his friends, family or athletes captured on them, but he also wanted to offer them for use in the media. That’s why we created a custom-made photo bank for him, which enables the purchase of individual photographs and paid access for commercial entities.

How to build a photobank

We started with branding and created a logo that links the name “KEK Stock” to a photo frame. Check out our design case study here. In terms of development, it was important to capture specific photobank features – in addition to buying, for example, filtering photos by date, event, event type, athlete, country, sports club, sport, photographer and equipment (or any combination of those).

Simple purchase and administration

We paid a very close attention to the web administration. We have prepared an intuitive drag&drop photo upload system with the possibility of simple bulk adding of information, tags and categories.

The challenge was to crack out how to upload huge amounts of high-resolution photos. Thanks to handy optimization, the client can now upload several thousands of them at once. (Yep, he does that.)