Komiksová bublina

The initial idea was to create an unconventional travel agency for women. We gave it the name, brand identity and tailor-made online booking system of holiday stays.

What women want

Clients wanted to build an online travel agency for women, which will serve for the sale of holiday destinations, but also as a place for meeting new friends. We had the name and logo, but honestly – they looked like any other travel agency and did not engage our taget group of middle-aged, higher-income women with the desire to discover, get to know and meet other women of the same interests.

That’s why we came up with the name Manao, which means "desire" or "want" something in Hawaiian. Also, we built the brand identity on pleasant pastel colours and illustrations instead of photoshopped pictures from a photobank.

E-shop and social network in one

However, the biggest challenge was the website we built from scratch and we had the whole complex booking system to solve. We designed it in such a way that, since the beginning, the visitors were guided to create a profile, reserve a stay and communicate with other women. The sub-pages of individual stays were used not only as a showcase of destinations and what was going to happen there, but also as discussion forums for sharing experiences or arranging details of the trip. In short: to build a community.

There is a different type of content visible to registered and unregistered members. The possibility of page interaction is also different for them. Holiday stays can be saved in wishlists or filtered according to selected interests.