Prague Riverwalks

Komiksová bublina

Prague riversides are one of the most attractive locations in the capital city of Prague.

Client's brief

In 2015, the client – Trade Center Prague (TCP) – invited us to a tender for the creation of brand identity, website and social network management. TCP demanded the development of a well-arranged portal, which would be used for business premises reservation and at the same time provide an overview of the cultural events on the riversides. The cooperation also included a media launch of the entire project.

Wave – the new identity

We enjoy creating identities and we took to it like a duck takes to water. Our thinking about visual identity was logically based on the connecting element of all Prague's riversides, the Vltava River, which was imprinted directly into the logo.

The pillar of everything – multifunctional web

The challenge was the creation of a web app, which aimed to simplify the lengthy process of providing short-term leases. The website serves not only for sellers and tenants, but also for anyone who wants to find all the information about what is going on on the riversides in one place.

Nets cast

It wouldn't be us if we didn't make great social networks that people love. On Facebook and Instagram we communicate beautiful photos, illustrations and all events. Sometimes we co-produce and co-promote these events, e.g. the beginning or end of the season, "Riverbanks Rule" and more. We also created original returnable cups and tote bags.