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The very first high-rise building in Prague was built in Žižkov in 1934. Since 1951, it has been the seat of trade unions and is now open to the public again thanks to a massive investment.

Brief and goals

Client wanted to give the building a brand new face, so we started with a name. Then we added a new visual identity and communication strategy. As part of the strategy, it was essential to present “Dům Radost – Joy House” as an attractive and original place for offices and to bring the first tenants in.

Client's requests

  • Create a new brand
  • Design a visual identity
  • Develop a communication strategy
  • Promote the house and fill it with tenants

Story TLRS' solution

We had several serious candidates for a new building name. First, we agreed on “Vertigo” with the client. Later, we got through DOST (which contains the abbreviation of the original name DOS – Dům Odborových Svazů aka Trade Union House) to “Radost” (aka Joy). Because joy refers to a new beginning and we left the past far behind.

The main element of visual identity is a grid: its proportions correspond to the placement of tiles on the building. We used the grid on the web, social networks and offline communication, too.

We wanted the house to be represented by an original font, which would fulfill the function of the logotype and at the same time would distinctively interconnect all communication. The font was created by Christian Jánský from the Kometa Typefaces studio. His work was inspired by functionalist furniture and the result is really impressive.

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Komiksová bublina

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Komiksová bublina

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Komiksová bublina

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