Komiksová bublina

"Czech it, like it"

Client's brief

The challenge was clear – raise engagement and brand awareness, attract new customers, but also create a community that would share its passion for sports on SazkaBet Facebook profile. Quite demanding, right? But our most competent, body and soul athlete Martin, took care of it.

Being familiar with the target group is essential

80% of men, one third of them 24–35 years old, and all of them sport freaks. And they really want to express their opinions and sports preferences. That’s why we offered them an up-to-date sports service but, above all, the opportunity to discuss what their passion. Which team is better: Sparta or Slavia? Messi or Ronaldo? Nadal or Federer?

In addition to the classic static formats, fans activation included various poll posts, carousels, GIFs, SazkaBet FB frames, or LIVEstream posts. Plus, we bet on humour - and it paid off! No other bookmakers worked with that.

Forget the ordinary working hours

Everything changes so quickly in sport and we had to adapt to it. During the Olympic Games in Pyongyang, our social media manager Martin woke up every night (anytime between midnight and noon, several times a night even) to post the current sports scores on the SazkaBet profile. Reportedly, it paid off thanks to Ester Ledecká. And our passion was noticed by fans.


Komiksová bublina

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Komiksová bublina

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Komiksová bublina

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