Škoda Transportation

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Skoda Transportation company from Pilsen focuses on production of vehicles for public transport and railways, which have been travelling to more than 50 countries in the last 160 years!

3 Channels, 3 goals, 3 target groups

Since January 2019, we have completely taken care of social networks targetting different target groups. This influences content, tone of voice and formats.


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn


  • Create content that engages (not only) railway fans.
  • Present the brand attractively to future employees.
  • Impress potential business partners.

Target groups

  • General public: We are bringing the world of rail transport closer to non-professionals and we want to catch their attention with entertaining and visually attractive posts.
  • Potential employees: We offer current positions in business, development, IT or manufacturing via Linkedin profile.
  • Railfans: We pay close attention to every word when creating educational content. The expertise of the railway enthusiasts is unparalleled

Meet railfans

Railfan is a person who likes public transport and, especially, railway transport. In our country alone, there are about 40 thousand of them wandering around the rails and archives, taking pictures of train units, looking for information and, moreover, actively sharing it all with each other. It was a challenge to reach such a demanding and specific target group, but once we got on the same track, the organic reach picked up so much speed that we won’t hear a bad word said against our railfans.

Content goes full speed

  • We managed to connect non-professionals and railfans thanks to the original illustrated comics and the “railway slang” educational series.
  • Historical locomotives, buses, trams and trolleybuses are showcased on the Facebook page.
  • At least once a month, we refresh the content by an animated post.


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Average organic reach in 2019


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Annual growth in number of fans


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