Everything we do is only possible thanks to the people we surround ourselves with

Komiksová bublina

Dream team

There were three of us in 2015 when we started but since then, we’ve grown quickly and now we count to almost forty. In the meantime, we’ve moved three times, bathed in the sea three times and chattered teeth in mountains four times. And even though it sounds like a cliché, we still love each other.

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Who's in charge

There were three guys at the beginning – Kuba, Šimon and Piero – and that was enough. Now we need a broader supervision. Adéla became our CEO and Slávek our COO. And the original trinity? Piero leads Near & Dear where we belong, Šimon leads the production and Kuba is our Creative Director.

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Project managers

Project managers are working hard to keep it right and on time. You’d usually find them on the phone, typing away emails or casting sad looks at developers as there is one more minor change to be done and it has to be done ASAP.

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Social media managers

They form our largest team and they take great care in beauty and performance of our clients’ profiles. Therefore, they always keep themselves busy; they are coming up with campaign ideas or they are optimising ads to get the best possible results.

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Creative team

This is where the most creative of us come together. While they may seem to be blankly staring into space, they are actually coming up with ideas and concepts to make our clients even happier.

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The first thing you will learn from them is that the design needs more space. No one really knows what that means, but it doesn’t matter – we trust them. They deserve credit for what the brands look like.

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Developers master magic technologies and more or less black-and-white computers. Among them you’ll find people of various interests  – from sports to philosophy. If you were looking for a stereotypical IT guy, you won’t find him in our offices, because he simply doesn’t exist.

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Photo & video team

Their tell-tale signs are two backpacks on shoulders and hands full of equipment. Not so long ago, they have founded a production company VNV Productions to show off even better content for even more clients.

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