We make things happen

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We help brands with idea making, we push their products to another level and we tell about them to the right people. What can we do for you?

Social networks

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We will fine tune your Facebook and your LinkedIn too.

Stand out from the crowd. We will take care of your communication and we will make sure it scores. Our team consists of creatives, analytics and strategists – they will tune up and polish your profiles to the perfection.

Online and offline campaigns

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People will talk about you

We will help you find a brilliant idea and present it the way that appeals to the right audience. May it be a small internet activation or a big deal campaign.

Branding and CI

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We will give your brand a new direction and a facelift

Sometimes it is better to start from scratch. We will help you set a clear strategy and we’ll design your new visual identity. That way, you’ll be easily recognized by your customers.

Web/app development

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Designing, coding, testing

We’ve developed many websites and also several sophisticated apps. But the first thing we’ll be interested in – as with any other project – is the purpose of the web/app and what challenges are we dealing with.

Product development

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We introduce new products to the market

Our main field is digital but sometimes we like to immerse ourselves in the real world work, too. We’ve founded K10 coworking in a stunning villa at Vinohrady and we also created its visual identity and took care of the PR.

Photo and video

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TV spot is not a problem

Our VNV Productions team is capable of a quick on the spot photoshoot as well as of a big shoot. We’ll make sure that our ideas will make you shine like stars in your customer’s eyes. And, by the way, we create interactive or personalised videos as well.