Komiksová bublina

The story of our cooperation with the Czech company Druchema began in September 2017, when we founded the Facebook page of Herkules glue. This was the brand's first step into the world of social media.

Client's brief

At the beginning, the client was not sure in what direction the communication should be taken so we were standing in front of a blank sheet of paper.

We were wondering how to grasp the communication of a brand known by six-year-old Honzík as well as his grandmother, and at the same time explain to the primary target group of schoolchildren aged 13 to 18 that when deciding between the good ol’ Czech classic and competitors, they should definitely choose the yellowish-red muscle-man.

Across classic flat lays and the infamous post about glue sniffing, we came to a post that showed us how to get our target goup to like, comment and share.

And the beauty queen crown goes to… Miss Glue!

Based on the post in which the fans were supposed to choose their sticky beauty queen, we realized that the charm lies in a really crazy idea and a bit of childish naughtiness. That's why we decided to talk about notes sent home, bad grades, love letters, classmates, etc. Herkules also needed a family that would accept him and work with him actively. That is why Joe Herkules, Will Stick, teacher Ms Besticky, Tony Pasteboard and others started to appear in the posts.


Soon, we received literally #StickyChallenge from the client: Use the same budget to activate fans in August, the month when children are slowly getting ready to go back to school. Miss Glue told us how to do it and with a zest and enthusiasm we started a month full of competitions, ideas and challenges that literally stuck fans to our profile.

All hail the slime!

Satisfaction was mutual and the next challenge was not long in coming. In September 2018, Instagram joined our growing family of SoMe profiles. We decided to make it a bottomless source of DIY ideas to show our fans all the possibilities of creation with Herkules. Our biggest ace up the sleeve was a slime recipe video. Teenagers on Instagram are just obsessed about slime preparation, so they began to eagerly send us tips on how they do it. Slime helped us to kick-start the profile and in mid-October – just month and a half after its founding – we boasted with 2 500 followers.


Komiksová bublina

We've increased the engagement rate from 1.3% to 5.87% annualy with the same budget