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For the best-selling tea brand in the world, we came up with short TV spots, which acquainted viewers with new fruit teas as well as teased them for the upcoming programme. And we filmed those spots, too.

Our task

The goal of the autumn video campaign was to introduce a new product line of fruit teas. The client wanted a visually bold concept expressing the emotions and moods associated with tea drinking.

The target group were active women over the age of 25, for whom drinking tea is an opportunity to stop for a moment and relax. This lead us to the main idea: stopping in busy times. It is also the value Lipton wants to communicate over the long term. We took advantage of the claim "Dive into the world of fruit flavours" and supplemented it with a visual of tea slowly diffusing in hot water.

Slow Down...

We have released soothing, meditative sponsorship spots, which gave the viewer an opportunity to stop for a moment and let the thoughts flow. They were accompanied by messages like Discover, Taste or Relax, which express the moods associated with tea drinking.

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Komiksová bublina

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Komiksová bublina

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