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Our collaboration with Reebok started with a standard Facebook and Instagram management but quickly grew into several separate events and campaigns. We’ve reached the finish line as winners – see how we did it!


During 2018, we were in charge of both localizing global content and creating our own. That's a piece of cake for us. We got 13 million impressions on Facebook and created an incredible number of 199 events. On Instagram, we sweated out 309 posts and gained almost 1 600 new fans. Well played!

Prague in Motion, that was our biggest campaign for Reebok

The Reebok Experience Store 2018 was not an ordinary store but an exclusive pop-up store with its own hall, where everyone could try out different sports lessons for free and buy various sports equipment. In a unique water gym at the Prague riverbank, you could practice crossfit or yoga, or you could go for a run with Reebok Run Crew. We were taking pictures, shooting videos and posting from there in real time.

Our goal

The goal of the campaign was, of course, to bring people to the store, but we were heading a bit further. We wanted to inspire people in Prague to move regularly and show them a wide range of possibilities from dance to dumbbells. Because as the Czech saying goes: Health through sport!

Story TLRS' solution

The campaign ran from July to September 2018 and in addition to content creation, we also took care of the entire production. We created a separate Reebok Experience Store page on Facebook and we also worked out content for Instagram and Stories. Lifestyle posts were primarily targeted at women. We included samples of outfits they could buy directly. A great asset of photos and videos was our ambassador, beautiful actress Veronika Arichteva, who in the spirit of the slogan "Be More Human" motivated audience to regular workout.

370 000

Komiksová bublina

We reached more than 370 000 unique users in two months


Komiksová bublina

We reached 74% of the main target group

9 692

Komiksová bublina

9 692 people attended the lectures